How to Sell Your Cards to Us

Looking to unload your cards? We've got you covered! Here's a quick guide:

Pricing Basis: We base our offers on (SCG) Buylist prices*. For cash purchases, the current buy rate is SCG's Buylist x1.1 in SGD.

Cash Value Example: For instance, if SCG's Buylist quotes a card at $10 USD, we'll pay you $11.00 in SGD.

Store Credit Trade-In Bonus: Opting for store credit? We offer a cool 25% bonus! Using the earlier example, that $11 card now gets you $14 worth of store credit. 

This store credit can be used for ALL PRODUCTS in store.

Ready to make a deal? Go to 'Sell Us Your Cards', create an account and let's get started!

*Note: Buylist prices are subjected to change. (Updated 1/6/2024)