Condition Guide

Near Mint (NM)
Cards in Near Mint condition may show minimal wear but are still close to Mint condition. Cards in this condition are generally indistinguishable from other cards in this condition. Near Mint cards are always legal for tournament play.

If there are multiple issues present on the same card, the card is likely to be graded as Played.

Minor Scratching
Minor Foil Scratching
Minor Border Wear
Minor Corner Wear
Minor Clouding
Minor Foil Clouding
Minor Printing Defects
Minor Misprints
Minor scratching indicates scratches that do not remove any color from the card (they're not visibly white). Scratches should be either isolated to a single area, or be minor in two or three small areas.

Played (PL)
Cards in Played condition show definite wear. Cards in this condition could have a number of grading issues to the card, listed below. Played cards won't necessarily look similar to one another. Played cards are always legal for tournament play in a sleeve.

Played cards can have multiple of these listed issues. However, the more unique issues a Played card has, the more likely it is to be graded Heavily Played instead.

Minor Bends
Shuffle Crease
Moderate Border Wear
Moderate Foil Border Wear
Moderate Corner Wear
Minor Mid-Card Whitening
Very Minor Dirt
Very Minor Water Damage
Binder Impressions
Any Non-Flat Cards
Any Non-Flat Foil Cards
Moderate Misprints/Printing Defects
Signed/Stamped Cards
Any clearly noticeable scratching on the face or back of the card. Scratching on Played cards may show white on non-foil sides of cards or silver on foil sides of cards.

Heavily Played (HP)
Heavily Played cards may show extreme wear. Heavily Played are tournament playable sleeved or double sleeved. We sell very few individual cards in this condition on our website in addition to selling Heavily Played cards as part of some clearly-named lots.

Heavily Played cards can have the widest range of condition issues.

Any Inking
Moderate to Major Water Damage
Major Whitening
Major Corner/Border Wear
Massive Shuffle Creasing
Bulk Shuffle Creasing
Any Indention
Any Delamination
Any Foil Delamination
Anything other than a small or largely unnoticeable dot of ink is Heavily Played.

Damaged (DM)
Damaged cards are torn or have holes, have significant water damage over the entire card, are bent or warped, or have severe bends.

Any Tearing/Holes
Any tearing on the card.

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